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Megan Trainor- All About That Bass

Hmm. This one is catchy and novel due to its “vintage” sound, “basically Amy Winehouse’s aesthetic by way of Iggy Azalea’s self aggrandizing,” but the song is still somewhat troubling. Aside from the cultural appropriation, why are we still listening to songs about what men want? Ever heard a song promoting male body image confidence? In terms of body image, maybe a voluptuous figure is prized — and maybe that notion suggests progress —but this blogger would challenge the industry to write a song about how both sexes are interested in finding romantic partners based on some unique combination of kindness, intellect, humor and appearance. Can we just agree to put Mark Grist in charge???


*The least offensive song lyric.

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Stars- Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys Remix)

Even though they’re nearly a decade apart, this track reeks of The Blow’s True Affection (the bass may have been sampled?) Gotta love a remix trying to sound all lo-fi, which seems like a contradiction in terms. However, if contemporary music is ever going to progress past the ubiquitous loud, building dance-like-you’re-on-MDMA track, someone needs to try to get kids to understand that sometimes less is more. Thanks Stars and Junior Boys.

"We don’t want to sleep tonight."

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The Difference Between Men and Women

Some skateboarders were doing their dangerous thang on my walk home today. One imbecile boy was skateboarding in the middle of the street as his friend filmed the action. The skateboarding hoodlum tried to take his board up the plastic construction partition. The move didn’t work, gravity reared its ugly head and he fell.

My inner monologue went something like, “Ouch that could hurt his tibia, fibia, shin, knee, ankle, metatarsal or ACL. Imagine the chronic pain one of those injuries could bring? I don’t know anything about leg bones. Boys are foolish. Is this road even closed?”

The guy filming said, “That was cool.”


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The White Panda- Rihanna v.s Game of Thrones

LOLLLLLLL. Can you just imagine the ridiculous YouTube montages of romantic GOT couples that this will accompany? Super late to the game on this silly mash-up, enjoy!

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For The Record

Kelly Taylor was the daughter of an absentee father and drug-addict mother. She took too many diet pills and passed out on her 18th birthday, hooked up with her best friend’s boyfriend, was almost date-raped, gets addicted to cocaine, has a really unlikely AIDS scare, becomes a magazine cover model, gets caught and burned in a fire, joins a cult, is told she’s infertile, moves in with her boyfriend right after college graduation, gets shot, suffers from amnesia, gets raped in an alley, becomes a social worker, owns a clothing store and then hopefully ends up with Dylan McKay.

That’s just one saga of the gang from Beverly Hills.

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WE ARE TWIN- The Way We Touch

This track represents a special instance where picking one song off a brilliant EP is a challenge. “Keep On Lovin”’ basically updates a Supremes song to sound more alt-rock/indie rock and it’s wonderfully fun. “Don’t Tell You Parents” is also a terrific teen anthem. Seriously, lsiten to the whole EP. “The Way We Touch” is the ideal intro to WE ARE TWIN because it fantastically fuses blues, rock and a little indie into an unadulterated rock song. The percussion will make you want to clap along and the denouement of the song screams ending credits to the happy ending of the love story. Fall in love / rock out.

"I forget the world when I’m with you."

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Glass Animals- Gooey

Is it just me or has this song been as ubiquitous as upsetting news on TV this summer? The track actually sounds gooey, which is captivating like dripping honey. Glass Animals are from Oxford, which was surprising since this song has a kind of humid sound that I’d associated with the land of Sir Faulker.

"You just wanna know those peanut butter vibes."

(Editor’s Note: Peanut butter vibes are my new favorite kind of vibe)

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Fickle Friends- S W I M

This track has been following me around. It’s an ideal summer song with a fitting aquatic theme (ala the classic Swim Good) for the hot months. Don’t be fooled by the disco influence though, this is not the lightest of tracks, lyrically that is: Decisions, growing up, confusion, ya know the works.

"You are not alone."

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The world seems like a pretty shitty place right now. While I’m not one to dwell on the negative, it’s hard to ignore all the terrible things happening practically everywhere. It’s better to focus on the good things for a respite from the chaos. Just ask Woody Allen.

My life-affirming list includes:

  • This voice
  • Really delicious bread or pasta,
  • paired with really delicious chevre
  • Leonard Bernstein conducting Beethoven’s 7th (the last he ever did)
  • Walking on beautiful nights
  • Where the Hell is Matt?
  • Dessert, generally
  • The “I’m as mad as hell" scene in Network (and Network, generally)
  • Reading outside
  • When yoga feels exactly as you think it should
  • Cold, crisp, clean sheets
  • The smell of sauteing garlic or onions
  • Bob Dylan
  • When the right track comes on at the exact moment you need it
  • Special occasion moons
  • Absalom! Absalom!
  • 7th chords
  • Pasta
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All Bad News

In addition to Robin Williams dying, Gaza is a mess, Iraq is a mess, Syria is a mess, Ebola is a mess, Ukraine is a mess, Turkey is a mess and the Nigerian school girls are still missing. The American police force is a mess, the prison system is a mess, gun control is a mess, congress is a mess, vaccinations are a mess, education is a mess.

Did I miss something?

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